Saturday, July 26, 2008

Spring Break Part 2

It was a very long, snowy, and cold winter here in Kansas City. The morning we left for Corpus, we had our 36th "Snow Event." We were more than ready to head to warmer climates!!!
On our way down, we stopped to visit my AX sorority sister Dorothy and her husband, Mike and son, Sawyer. Sawyer and Kye are only a year apart and it seems everytime we get together, they act as if they've never been apart!! It's so wonderful to see Kye and Sawyer developing the kind of relationship Dot and I have after 4 years in the same house together!!

We also stopped in Waco to visit my cousing Brianna and her boyfriend Jeff. Although we've heard about Jeff for over a year now, we'd never met him. He's everything she said and more. He was so patient and kind with the boys, who were a bit rowdy after being in the car for a day and a half!! We sure wish we lived closer to Brianna, we miss her lots!!
Our next stop was at the San Antonio river walk. We were able to find a river side cafe and enjoy a little snack while we watched the boats go back and forth on the river. It was very relaxing and the boys enjoyed it a lot! We even saw one of our foreign exchange students and his host family go by on a boat while we were there!
Kye had some friends join us that he wasn't too sure about.....
One of the biggest entertainments of the week was feeding the birds. The boys made quick friends of ANYONE who had bread to throw out and had a ball!

One of the T-shirt shops had a JAWS replica out front, Kye insisted we get a picture.
This is in front of the Corpus Christi aquarium. We picked a great day to go as it rained most of the day and we were inside!
They had a touch pool and I think Kye picked up EVERYTHING in the pool, he especially liked the sea urchins. Kris did a lot of looking!
Ba-ba and the boys at the aquarium.
The boys in front of a whale statue at the aquarium.

The next day we went to visit the USS Lexington. Dave and I are huge fans of military ships and love looking all around them. We made it about 3/4ths of the way through the ship, that took about 6 hours. The boys did great!! It was VERY windy that day, especially up on the flight deck. We held on the Kris for dear life, we were afraid he might just blow off the deck!!!

For some reason, this was Kristopher's favorite place on the boat. Hope this is not a premonition!!!

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