Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Water, water, water

I used to work for a water park here in town. It was owned by some brothers in Arizona. They shut it down because they decided that it never really got hot enough here in Kansas to make a water park worthwhile. Obviously they have never visited Kansas in June, July, and August. We spend most of our summer in water of some kind. This little pool has been the best $17 we've ever spent. Not sure if it will make it another summer, we'll see!!

Kye likes to pretend that the raft is a "bucking broncho." It creates quite the waves once he gets it going!

Spending time on the lake is also another pastime we have in the summer. This summer, we along with GG and Baba bought Big Mable....She's pretty impressive and Kye is getting really brave on her. One trip this summer he rode all by himself!

Very rarely do we make it back to the dock without losing at least one, this day it was BOTH!

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