Monday, December 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

After our annual pumpkin patch trip, we spent an evening carving pumpkins. We carve 3, one for Kye, one for Kris, and one "family" one. Kye carved his own pumpkin this year, picked out the pattern and everything!

We even tried something different this year and carved Kye's on it's side. Turned out really good, think we have a new tradition!

Kris did a little dance for us...
Kye was proud of his first "solo" carve

The days of coordinating costumes is gone.... :( Kye wanted to be Boba Fett from Star Wars(remember, he's the bounty hunter who took frozen Han Solo to Jaba the Hut), and Kris has most definitely for months now wanted to be a pirate. Thanks again to GG, we were able to get the best costumes for them both!

Kye walking in his school's costume parade.

Aunt Marilyn always has the best treats for us....and a glass of wine for Daddy too!
The whole family at Aunt Marilyn's

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