Monday, September 17, 2007

The Family

We've created this blog to keep friends and family in the "loop" so to speak. We hope to add comments and photos frequently as the boys are growing so fast.
Last weekend, Whitney's childhood friend, Andie and her husband, Mike were in town from FL. They are too far away but we were able to enjoy some shopping, eating, and of course 3 bottles of wine around the fire pit. We hit Zona Rosa art fair Sunday after lunch for as long as Kris could stand it(15-20 minutes!).
This summer was full of firsts-
Kye-first summer to really swim!!! By the end of the summer, he was jumping off of BaBa's boat without hesitation.
First base for Kye was his favorite position during his first season of Machine Pitch baseball. The team is finally showing signs of the basic concepts of baseball. They have come a long way in three years
First shower-in July, Kye informed us he no longer wanted to take a bath "those are for babies Mom", so we are now a full time shower taker. I think Kris secretly loves the one on one time in the tub with Mom or Dad.
Kris-Pseudo-big boy bed-the side of the crib is gone and he can come and go from his bed as he pleases. Sometimes it's more than Mom and Dad please but....
Swimming-with a life jacket in the lake all by himself, wanted no part of help from Mom and Dad
Talking-we were a little concerned that we weren't hearing a lot of language last spring. No need for concern, we're wondering now when we'll hear a little quiet!!! He says Thank You more than any other 2 year old I know and it's adorable!! Tancue is how it comes out.
Also a first for both boys is an aunt!!! Uncle Al got married this summer and now Aunt "Header" Heather is their favorite(and only!) aunt!
They looked awfully cute in their tuxes!
The weather is starting to turn colder it appears, except for today's 92 degree forecast. Soon it will be time to pick pumpkins and rake leaves!
Whitney, David, Kye, and Kris

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