Wednesday, September 26, 2007

University of Nebraska

One of the perks of being a counselor is that colleges and universities regularly invite me to lunches. Some places even invite me to campus for a visit, this time I even got to bring a guest. Last weekend David and I went to University of Nebraska at Lincoln, home of the Cornhuskers. We enjoyed a wonderful weekend away, just the two of us! We toured the campus extensively, had lovely meals in the Haymarket district, and best of all, attended the Nebraska vs. Ball State game. Have to say, Ball State has a wonderful quarterback and an even better running back. Fortunately for the 84,000 plus fans who were in attendance, Ball State missed a field goal with less than 20 seconds left!!! The people of Nebraska are very friendly and we are very impressed with their programs. A former student, Ashley, is there playing softball now and she showed us around to all the athletic facilities. Nebraska is only one of four self sustaining athletic programs, no money comes from the student body at large. Dave was not happy about cheering for the Huskers, his K State blood ran cold, but they were such good hosts, we found ourselves clapping and yelling with the best of them. Being in the stadium was an amazing feeling, it literally pulsated with pride and enthusiasm.
Thanks for a wonderful weekend Huskers!

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Kristen said...

Traitors!! How could you??
Only kidding :)